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John Cary, ?-1720?

Prominent Bristol merchant and friend of John Locke, who flourished in the 1690s. Strong protectionist in Mercantilist stripe, promoted closer subordinating colonies to England's economic needs.  Promoted the establishment of calico-industry in England, and the restriction of East India Company imports (1695). A strong proponent of restricting Irish exports to England alone and alarmist at the rise of Scottish commerce.  (e.g. 1696, 1698)

John Cary was a promoter of the establishment of workhouses for the poor, being the spearhead of the Corporation for the Poor in Bristol (1697, 1700).  In 1704, he served as an advisor to the government on Irish linen manufacturing.



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Major Works of John Cary

  • An Essay on the State of England in Relation to Its Trade, Its Poor, and Its Taxes, for Carrying on the Present War Against France, 1695 [mch]
  • A Discourse Concerning the East-India Trade: Shewing it to be Unprofitable to the Kingdom of England : Being Taken Out of a Essay on Trade, 1695 - excerpts, copy
  • An Essay Towards the Setlement of a National Credit in the Kingdom of England: Humbly Presented to the Two Honourable Houses of Parliament, 1696 [mch]
  • A Discourse Concerning the Trade of Ireland and Scotland, as They Stand in Competition with the Trade of England, 1696
  • An Essay on the Coyn and Credit of England as They Stand with Respect to Its Trade, 1696 [av] [mch]
  • A Vindication of the Parliament of England: In Answer to a Book, Written by William Molyneux of Dublin, Esq. Intituled, The Case of Irelands Being Bound by Acts of Parliament in England, Stated, 1698 
  • Essay on the Registry for the Tithes of Land, 1698
  • On the Linen Trade in Ireland, 1698
  • An Account of the Proceedings of the Corporation of Bristol, in execution of the Act of Parliament for the better employing the poor of that City, 1700 [mch]
  • Some Considerations relating to the linnen manufacture in the Kingdom of Ireland, 1704
  • A Proposal Offered to the Committee of the Honourable House of Commons Appointed to Consider of Ways for the Better Providing for the Poor and Setting Them on Work, 1700 [mch]
  • An account of the proceedings of the Corporation of Bristol in execution of the act of Parliament for the better employing and maintaining the poor of that city, 1700
  • A Discourse of the Advantage of the African Trade to this Nation, 1712
  • An Essay Towards Regulating the Trade, and Employing the Poor of this Kingdom, 1717
  • The rights of the commons in Parliament assembled asserted and the liberties of the people vindicated, 1718
  • A proposal for paying off the publick debts by erecting a national credit, 1719
  • A Discourse on Trade, and Other Matters Relative to it, 1745 [bk , av] [French 1755 translation: v.1, v.2] [Italian 1761 trans. v.2]



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Resources on John Cary

  • "John Cary" in Palgrave's Dictionary.
  • "John Cary" in Leslie Stephen's Dictionary of National Biography
  • 1838, NAR
  • Transactions of the Corporation of the Poor in the City of Bristol, during a period of 126 years.  by James Johnson, 1826 [online]


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