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David Gale Johnson, 1916-2003.

Agricultural economist at Chicago.



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Major Works of D. Gale Johnson

  • Forward Prices for Agriculture, 1947.
  • "The Nature of the Supply Function for Agricultural Products", 1950, AER
  • Agriculture and Trade: A study of inconsistent policies, 1950.
  • ""Resource Allocation under Share Contracts", 1950, JPE
  • "Output and Income Effects of Reducing the Farm Labor Force", 1960, JPE
  • World Agriculture in Disarray, 1973.
  • World Food Problems and Prospects, 1975.
  • The Soviet Impact on World Grain Trade, 1977.
  • "Increased Stability of Grain Supplies in Developing Countries: Optimal carryovers and insurance", 1977, in Bhagwati, editor, New International Economic Order
  • "International Prices and Trade in Reducing the Distortion in Incentives", 1978, in Schultz, editor, Distortions in Agricultural Incentives



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