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Donald J. Harris, 1938- 

Jamaican Post-Keynesian economist and development theorist at Stanford.

Originating from Jamaica, Donald J. Brown obtained his B.A. at the University College of the West Indies, and subsequently his Ph.D. at Berkeley in 1966.   After sojourns at Illinois and Northwestern, Harris joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin in 1968.  In 1972, he became a professor at Stanford

Donald J. Harris is best known for bringing Post-Keynesian economics (particularly the Kaleckian and Neo-Ricardian brand) into development economics.



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Major Works of Donald J. Harris

  • "Econometric Analysis Of Household Consumption In Jamaica", 1964, Social & Econ Studies
  • "Review C. Furtado's Diagnosis of Brazilian Crisis", 1966, QREB [pdf]
  • "Inflation, Income Distribution, and Capital Accumulation in a Two-Sector Model of Growth", 1967, EJ
  • "The 1967 Budget and the Postwar Economy", 1967, Illinois Bus Rev [pdf]
  • "Price Behavior in India: An Examination of Professor Raj's Hypothesis", 1969, Indian ER [pdf]
  • "Income, Prices, and the Balance of Payments in Underdeveloped Economies: A Short-run Model", 1970, Oxford EP.
  • "Saving and Foreign Trade as Constraints in Economic Growth: A Study of Jamaica", 1970, Social & Econ Studies.
  • "On Marx's Scheme of Reproduction and Accumulation", 1972, JPE.
  • "Feasible Growth with Specificity of Capital and Surplus Labor", 1972, Econ Inquiry
  • "Economic Growth with Limited Import Capacity", 1972, Econ Dev Cult Change.
  • ""The Black Ghetto as 'Internal Colony': A Theoretical Critique and Alternative Formulation", 1972, Rev of Black PE [wp],
  • "Introduction", 1972, to N. Bukharin, Theory of the Leisure Class. [pdf]
  • "Capital, Distribution, and the Aggregate Production Function", 1973, AER.
  • "Marxian Exploitation and Domestic Colonialism: a Reply", 1974, Rev of Black PE [wp]
  • "The Price Policy of Firms, Employment, and Distribution in the Short Run", 1974, Australian ER.
  • "The Theory of Economic Growth: A Critique and Reformulation", 1975, AER.
  • “The Theory of Capital,” (with D. P. Levine), 1977, in Levine, editor, Economic Studies: Contributions to the Critique of Economic Theory. [wp]
  • Capital Accumulation and Income Distribution, 1978
  • "Capitalist exploitation and black labor: Some conceptual issues", 1978, Rev of Black PE
  • "A Post-Mortem on the Neoclassical ‘Parable’", 1980, in E.J. Nell, editor, Growth, Profits, and Property.[wp]
  • "Market Size, Industrialization and Regional Integration", 1980, Social & Econ Studies.
  • "Profits, Productivity, and Thrift: The Neoclassical Theory of Capital and Distribution Revisited", 1981, JPKE.
  • "On the Timing of Wage Payments", 1981, Cambridge JE
  • "Income Distribution and Economic Development in Under‑Developed Economies", 1981, JE Malaysia, [pdf]
  • "Review of Pasinetti's Structural Change and Economic Growth", 1982, Contrib to PE [wp]
  • "The Adjustment Process and the Monetary System: Comment on Davidson", 1983, in J. Kregel, editor, Distribution, Effective Demand, and International Economic Relations [pdf].
  • "Accumulation of Capital and the Rate of Profit in Marxian Theory", 1983, Cambridge JE.
  • "Economic Growth, Structural Change, and the Relative Income Status of Blacks in the U. S. Economy, 1947-78", 1983, Rev of Black PE.
  • "Caribbean Economies in Transition: Problems and Prospects of Structural Adjustment", 1983 [wp]
  • "The Theory of Economic Growth: From Steady States to Uneven Development", 1985, in G.R. Feiwel, ed., Issues in Contemporary Macroeconomics and Distribution [wp]
  • "Value, Exchange and Capital", 1985, in Resnick & Wolf, editors, Rethinking Marxism [pdf]
  • "The Organic Composition of Capital and Capitalist Development" (with R.E. Rowthorn), 1985, in Resnick & Wolf, editors, Rethinking Marxism [pdf]
  • "Are There Macroeconomic Laws? The Law of the Falling Rate of Profit Reconsidered", 1986, in Wagener and Drukker, editors, Economic Law of Motion of Modern Society. [wp]
  • "The Complex Dynamics of the Simple Ricardian System" (with A. Bhaduri), 1987, QJE.
  • "On the Classical Theory of Competition", 1988, Cambridge JE.
  • "The Circuit of Capital and the ‘Labor Problem’ in Capitalist Development", 1988, Social & Econ Studies.
  • Capital Accumulation and Resource Allocation in an Import Constrained Economy, 1990 [wp]
  • "Sraffa's Circular Process and the Concepts of Vertical Integration: Comment" in K. Bharadwaj & B. Schefold, editors, Essays on Piero Sraffa [wp]
  • "Equilibrium and Stability in Classical Theory", 1991, in Nell and Semmler, editors, Nicholas Kaldor and Mainstream Economics [wp]
  • "A Model of the Productivity Gap: Convergence or Divergence?", 1993, in R. Thomson, editor, Learning and Technological Change [pdf]
  • "Economic growth and equity: Complements or opposites?", 1993, Rev of Black PE 
  • "Non-Traditional Exports from Caribbean Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Performance", 1993, Development Policy [pdf]
  • "The Jamaican Economy in the 21st Century: Challenges to Development and Requirements of a Response", 1994, in Jamaica: Preparing for the 21st Century, [pdf]
  • “A Model of Output and Investment for a Small Export Economy with Trade Preferences (Quotas), Imperfect Capital Market, and Transaction Costs", 1995 [wp]
  • "Endogenous Learning and Economic Growth", 1995, International Encycl of Economics of Education [pdf]
  • "Exchange Rate Policy: Staying the Course", 1995, Money Index [pdf]
  • An Approach to Industrial Policy for Jamaica, 1995 [pdf]
  • "Finance, Investment, and Growth: Economic Policy for Caribbean Economies in the Next (Quarter) Century", 1996, in K. Worrell and A. Gonzales, editors, Whither the Caribbean Region? [pdf]
  • National Industrial Policy, a Strategic Plan for Growth and Development, 1996 [pdf]
  • "Development through Innovation - A Jamaican Model", 1996 [wp]
  • Jamaica’s Export Economy: Towards a Strategy of Export-led Growth, 1997 [pdf]
  • National Industrial Policy, Review and Assessment of Performance in the First Year, 1997 [pdf]
  • "Approaches to the Problem of Productivity in the Jamaican Economy: Analysis and Policy" with U. Schumacher, 1997 [wp]
  • "The Productivity Problem in the Jamaican Economy: What Role for ‘Productivity Incentive Schemes'?" with U. Schumacher, 1998 [wp]
  • "Macroeconomic Stability and Growth: a Policy Analysis”, 1999, in Economic Dynamics and Economic Policy [pdf]
  • "Robinson on 'History versus Equilibrium'", 2005, in Gibson, ed., Joan Robinson's Economics [wp]
  • "Classical Growth Model", 2008, New Palgrave, 2nd ed. [wp]
  • "Uneven Development", 2008, New Palgrave, 2nd ed. [wp]
  • "Universal Health Care: Mandates or not?", 2008, Stanford Daily, [pdf]
  • "Jamaica’s Debt-Propelled Economy: a Failed Economic Strategy and its Aftermath", 2010 [wp]
  • A Growth-Inducement Strategy for Jamaica in the Short and Medium Term (with G. Hutchinson), 2012, [pdf]




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Resources on  Donald J. Harris

  • Donald J. Harris website at Stanford
  • Donald J. Harris faculty page at Stanford economics
  • "'Better' education, trade breaks hurt Caribbean nations, economist says”, Stanford University News Service, 10/19/1994.[pdf]
  • "When Higher Education Doesn’t Pay: A Caribbean Example" Stanford University Campus Report, October 26,1994 [pdf]


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