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Harold Gregg Lewis, 1914-1992.

Chicago labor economist.

Originally from Michigan, H. Gregg Lewis obtained his Ph.D at  Chicago in 1947, and stayed on thereafter.  Affectionately remembered as the administrative angel of Chicago students, H. Gregg Lewis was one of the last of students of Schultz and Douglas. Nonetheless, he was also one of the earliest Chicago "economic imperialists": his 1959 theory of unionism being a remarkable Chicagoesque application of price theory to social organization.

Lewis retired from Chicago in 1975, spending his remaining career at Duke University.



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Major Works of Harold Gregg Lewis

  • "Some Problems in the Measurement of Income Elasticities", with P.H. Douglas, 1939, Econometrica
  • "Production Cost Indices", with L.M. Court, 1942, RES
  • "Henry Calvert Simons", 1946, AER
  • Studies in Consumer Expenditures, with P.H. Douglas, 1947.
  • "The Labor-Monopoly Problem", 1951, JPE
  • "Hours of Work and Hours of Leisure", 1956, Proceedings of Ninth Annual Meeting of IRRA
  • "Competitive and Monopoly Unionism", 1959, in Bradley, editor, Public Stake in Union Power
  • "The Effects of Unions on Industrial Wage Differentials", 1962, in Lewis, editor, Aspects of Labor Economics
  • Unionism and Relative Wages in the United States: an empirical inquiry
  • "Relative Employment Effects of Unionism", 1964, AER
  • "On Income and Substititon Effects in Labor Force Participation", 1967.
  • "Comments on Selectivity Biases in Wage Comparisons", 1974, JPE
  • "Notes on Partial Equilibrium Analysis", 1975.
  • Union Relative Wage Effects: a survey, 1986.




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