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Bert F. Hoselitz, 1913-1995

Early Vienna-born Chicago development theorist who concentrated on the socio-institutional aspects of economic development. Developed a unique theory of entrepreneurship and profit.  Highly influential as a teacher.



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Major Works of Bert F. Hoselitz

  • "Socialist Planning amnd International Economic Relations", 1943, AER
  • Economics of Military Occupation, with H.S. Bloch, 1944.
  • The Progress of Underdeveloped Areas, 1952.
  • "Non-Economic Barriers to Economic Development", 1952, EDCC
  • "The Role of Cities in the Economic Growth of Underdeveloped Countries", 1953, JPE
  • "Social Structure and Economic Growth", 1953, Economia Internazionale
  • "Non-Economic Factors in Economic Development", 1957, AER
  • Sociological Aspects of Economic Growth, 1960.
  • "Tradition and Economic Growth", 1961, in Braibanti and Spengler, editors, Tradition, Values and Socio-Economic Development.
  • "Entrepreneurship and Traditional Elites", 1963, Explorations in Entrepreneurial History




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