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Leo Schönfeld-Illy, 1888-1952.

Austrian economist. 

Born in Vienna, with the name Leo Schönfeld (later changed to Leo Illy).

Educated in Vienna, Leo Schönfeld became an accountant after WWI, but continued to participate in the von Mises seminar, Schönfeld was part of the second (or third) generation of Austrian School  His 1924 treatise tried to revive polemics on the marginal utility debate. His 1948 textbook was one of the last on the Austrian subjectivist marginal utility theory.  Severe critic of Walrasian economics.  Sometimes credited as the initiator of the Austrian idea of "market process"

After the Nazi occupation of Austria in 1938, he was later forced changed his name to Leo Illy (it has become customary for historians to hyphenate his name Schönfeld-Illy, but he never did).  He remained in occupied Austria, and subsequently became a teacher.



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Major Works of Leo Schönfeld-Illy

  • Grenznutzen und Wirtschaftsrechnung, 1924.
  • Das Gesetz des Grenznutzens, Untersuchung über die Wirtschaftsrechnung des Konsumenten, 1948.
  • "Grundprobleme der Preistheorie", 1949, in A. Mahr, editor, Neue Beiträge zur Wirtschaftshistorie: Festschrift von Hans Mayer
  • "Die ökonomische Komplementarität", 1951, ZfN




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Resources on Leo Schönfeld (Leo Illy)

  • "Leo Illy (Schönfeld)" by Hans Mayer, 1953, ZfN
  • entry at Wikiliberal


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