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Israel M. Kirzner, 1930-

Portrait of Kirzner, from NYU

Modern Austrian School economist at NYU.  Forwarded theory of entrepreneurship as an discovery and arbitrage process.



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Major Works of Israel Kirzner

  • The Economic Point of View. 1960. [mis]
  • Market Theory and the Price System, 1963. [mis]
  • An Essay on Capital, 1966.
  • "Methodological Individualism, Market Equilibrium and the Market Process", 1967, Il Politico.
  • "Entrepreneurship and the Market Approach to Development", 1971, in Toward Liberty.
  • Competition and Entrepreneurship, 1973.
  • "Capital, Competition and Capitalism", 1974, in Champions of Freedom.
  • "Producer, Entrepreneur and the Right to Property", 1974, in Blumenfeld, editor, Property in a Humane Economy. [mis]
  • "Equilibrium versus Market", 1976, in Dolan, editor, Foundations of Modern Austrian Economics.
  • "Ludwig von Mises and the Theory of Capital and Interest", in Moss, editor, Economics of Ludwig von Mises.
  • "The Entrepreneurial Role in Menger's System", 1978, Atlantic EJ
  • "Entrepreneurship, Entitlement and Economic Justice", 1978, Eastern EJ.
  • "Entrepreneurship, Choice and Freedom", 1978, ORDO.
  • "Economics and Error", 1978, in Spadaro, editor, New Directions in Austrian Economics.
  • Perception, Opportunity and Profit: Studies in the theory of entrepreneurship, 1979.
  • "Mises and the Renaissance of Austrian Economics", 1981, in Andrews, editor, Homage to Mises. [mis, mis]
  • "Economic Planning and the Knowledge Problem", 1984, Cato
  • "Prices, the Communication of Knowledge and the Discovery Process", 1984, in Leube and Zlabinger, editors, Political Economy of Freedom.
  • Discovery and the Capitalist Process, 1985.
  • "Spontaneous Order and the Case for the Free Market", 1987, in Ideas on Liberty.
  • "Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek: Modern extension of Austrian subjectivism",  in Leser, editor, Die Wiener Schule.
  • "The Economic Calculation Debate: Lessons for Austrians", 1988, RevAustrianEcon [mis]
  • "Welfare Economics: A modern Austrian perspective", 1988, in Block and Rockwell, editors, Man, Economy and Liberty.
  • Discovery, Capitalism and Distributive Justice, 1989.
  • "Menger, Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School of Economics", HOPE
  • "Carl Menger and the Subjectivist Tradition in Economics", 1990, in Engels et al., editors, Klassiker der Nationalokonomie.
  • "Self-Interest and the New Bashing of Economics: A fresh opportunity in the perennial debate?", 1990, Critical Review.
  • "Discovery, Private Property and theTheory of Justice in Capitalist Society", 1990, Journal des Economistes.
  • "Knowledge Problems and their Solutions: Some relevant distinctions", 1990, Cultural Dynamics.
  • "The Meaning of Market Process", 1990, in Bosch et al., editors, General Equilibrium or Market Process.
  • The Meaning of Market Process: Esays in the development of modern Austrian economics.   1992.
  • Essays on Capital and Interest: An Austrian Perspective, 1996.
  • "Mises and His Understanding of the Capitalist System", 1999, Cato Journal [mis]
  • "Reflections on the Misesian Legacy in Economics", 1996, RAE [mis]




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Resources on Israel Kirzner

  • Israel Kirzner profile at Mises Institute
  • "Austrian approach to competition", 1978 lecture by Kirzner (audio) [mis]
  • "The Kirznerian Way: An Interview with Israel M. Kirzner", 1997, in Austrian Economics Newsletter [mis]
  • "The Undiscountable Professor Kirzner" article by Roger Garrison, 1997, The Freeman
  • "Equilibrium and Entrepreneurship" article by Roger Garrison, 1995, Advances in Austrian Economics
  • "Discovery and the Deepself" by Daniel B. Klein, Rev of Austrian Econ (pdf)
  • Wikipedia


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