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John Maurice Clark, 1884-1963

American Institutionalist economist at Columbia, son of the great Neoclassical theorist John Bates Clark.



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Major works of John Maurice Clark

  • Standards and Reasonableness in Local Freight Discriminations, 1910. [bk]
  • "Rates for Public Utilities", 1911, AER
  • "Frontiers of Regulation and What Lies Beyond", 1913, AER
  • "Review of Pigou's Wealth and Welfare", 1913, AER
  • "Possible Complications of the Compensated Dollar" (?), 1913, AER
  • The Control of Trusts: An argument in favor of curbing the power of monopoly by a natural method, with J.B. Clark 1914 [bk] [new edition of J.B. Clark's 1901 original]
  • "Some Neglected Phases of Rate Regulation", 1914, AER
  • "Business Acceleration and the Law of Demand", 1917, JPE
  • "The Basis of War-Time Collectivism", 1917, AER
  • Editor, Readings in the Economics of War, with W.H. Hamilton and H.G. Moulton, 1918 [bk]
  • "Economic Theory in an Era of Social Readjustment", 1919, AER
  • "Soundings in Non-Euclidian Economics", 1921, AER - discussion
  • The Economics of Overhead Costs, 1923.
  • Social Control of Business, 1926.
  • The Costs of the World War to the American People, 1931.
  • "Capital Production and Consumer Taking - A reply", 1931, JPE
  • Strategic Factors in Business Cycles, 1934.
  • The Economics of Planning Public Works, 1935.
  • Preface to Social Economics, 1936.
  • "Toward a Concept of Workable Competitition", 1940, AER
  • An Alternative to Serfdom, 1948.
  • The Ethical Basis of Economic Freedom, 1955.
  • Competition as a Dynamic Process, 1961.




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