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Lloyd A. Metzler, 1913-1980

Photo of L.A. Metzler from AER

Neo-Keynesian macroeconomist and international trade theorist at Chicago.

Originating from Kansas, Lloyd Appleton Metzler obtained his first degrees at the University of Kansas, before enrolling for graduate studies at Harvard in 1938.  Metzler received his Ph.D. in 1942, and worked in Washington during WWII,   After the war, after a year at Yale, Lloyd Metzler joined the faculty at the University of  Chicago in 1947. 



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Major works of Lloyd A. Metzler

  • "The Assumptions Implied in Least Squares Techniques", 1940, REStat
  • "The Nature and Stability of Inventory Cycles", 1941, RES
  • "Underemployment Equilibrium in International Trade", 1942, Econometrica
  • "The Transfer Problem Reconsidered", 1942, JPE.
  • "Effects of Income Redistribution", 1943, REStat
  • "Stability of Multiple Markets: The Hicks Conditions", 1945, Econometrica
  • "Business Cycles and the Modern Theory of Employment", 1946, AER
  • "Keynes and the Theory of Business Cycles", 1947, in Harris, editor, New Economics
  • "Factors Governing the Length of Inventory Cycles", 1947, REStat
  • "Three Lags in the Circular Flow of Income", 1948, in Metzler, editor, Income, Employment and Public Policy.
  • "The Theory of International Trade", 1948, in Ellis, editor, A Survey of Contemporary Economics
  • "Tariffs, Terms of Trade and the Distribution of National Income", 1949, JPE.
  • "Tariffs, International Demand and Domestic Prices", 1949, JPE
  • "A Multiple Region Theory of Income and Trade", 1950, Econometrica [pdf]
  • "Graham's Theory of International Values", 1950, AER
  • "The Rate of Interest and the Marginal Product of Capital", 1950, JPE
  • "Flexible Exchange Rages and the Theory of Employment", with S. Lauresen, 1950, REStat
  • "Wealth, Saving and the Rate of Interest", 1951, JPE
  • "A Multiple-Country Theory of Income Transfers", 1951, JPE
  • "Taxes and Subsidies in Leontief's Input-Output Model", 1951, QJE





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Resources on Lloyd Metzler

  • Guide to Metzler papers at Harvard
  • "Metzler and the History of Economics: A preliminary look at the Metzler papers", by Guy Fleming [pdf]
  • Wikipedia


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