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Jacob Louis Mosak, 1913-2013

A student of Henry Schultz's at Chicago, Jacob L. Mosak was the author of the classic Cowles monograph on international trade and G.E.T. (1944), popularizing Hicks's stability conditions. 

Mosak did not remain in academia, but entered public service, joining the Office of Price Administration during WWII and later the United Nations.



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Major Works of Jacob L. Mosak

  • On the Interpretation of the Fundamental Equation of Value Theory", 1942, in Lange et al, editors, Studies in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics
  • General Equilibrium Theory in International Trade, 1944. [pdf]




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Resources on  Jacob Mosak

  • "Review of Mosak's General Equilibrium Theory"  by Paul Samuelson, 1946, AMS [pdf]
  •  Mosak obituary at Jewish Star, 2013


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