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Melvin Warren Reder, 1919-.

Welfare theorist and labor economist.

Melvin W. Reder originated from California, obtaining his B.A. from Berkeley, before going on to obtain an M.A. at Chicago in 1941 and a Ph.D. at Columbia in 1946.  Reder spend the earlier part of his career at Stanford, until 1971.  After a spell at NYU, Reder joined the faculty at the University of Chicago in 1974.



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Major Works of Melvin W. Reder

  • "Monopolistic Competition and the Stability Condition", 1941, RES
  • "Welfare Economics and Rationing", 1942, QJE.
  • "Alternative interpretation of the Cobb-Douglas function", 1943, Econometrica
  • Studies in the Theory of Welfare Economics, 1947.
  • "Interest and Employment", 1946, JPE
  • "Reconsideration of Marginal Productivity Theory", 1948, JPE
  • "The Theoretical Problems of a national Wage-Price Policy", 1948, Canadian JE.
  • "Theories of Welfare Economics", 1950, JPE.
  • "Welfare Economics", 1952, in Haley, editor, Survey of Contemporary Economics, Vol. II.
  • "The Theory of Union Wage Policy", 1952, REStat.
  • "The Theory of Occupational Wage Differentials", 1955, AER.
  • Labor in a Growing Economy, 1957.
  • "Job Scarcity and the Nature of Union Power", 1960, ILRR.
  • "Review of Sraffa's Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities", 1961, AER
  • "Citizen Rights and the Cost of Law Enforcement", 1973 [nber]
  • "Conflict and Contract: The case of strikes", with G.R. Neumann, 1980, JPE.
  • "The Rise and Fall of Unions: the public sector and the private", 1988, JEP. [pdf]
  • The Culture of a Controversial Science, 1999
  • "Anti-Semitism of some Eminent Economists", 2000, HOPE




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Resources on Melvin Reder

  • "Keynesian Historiography and the Anti-Semitism Question" by E. Roy Weintraub, 2010 [pdf]


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