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Sherwin Rosen, 1938-2001 

Labor economist at Chicago

A Chicago native, Sherwin Rosen studied engineering at Purdue and obtained his Ph.D. in economics at Chicago under H. Gregg Lewis.  Rosen began teaching at Rochester from 1964, which is where he produced his famous 1974 article on hedonic pricing to explain product diversity. Rosen returned and joined the faculty at the University of Chicago in 1977, where he continued to produce classics of labor economics, like his paper on educational self-selection (1979) and superstars (1981).



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Major Works of Sherwin Rosen

  • "Learning and Experience in the Labor Market", 1972, Journal of Human Resources
  • "Learning by Experience as Joint Production", 1972, QJE
  • "Hedonic Prices and Implicit Markets: Product differentiation in pure competition", 1974, JPE [pdf]
  • A Disequilibrium Model of Demand for Factors of Production, with M.I. Nadiri, 1974.  [nber]
  • "The Value of Saving a Life: evidence from the labor market", with R. Thaler, 1975, in Terleykyj, editor, Household Production and Consumption [nber]
  • "Substitution and Division of Labour", 1979, Economica [nber]
  • "Education and Self-Selection", with R. Willis, 1979, JPE [pdf, nber]
  • "Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimum Labor Contracts", with E. Lazear, 1981, JPE [nber]
  • "The Economics of Superstars", 1981, AER [pdf]
  • "Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimal Labor Contracts" with E.P. Lazear, 1981, JPE
  • "Unemployment and Insurance", 1983, CRoch, [nber]
  • "Implicit Contracts: A survey", 1985, JEL [nber]
  • "Prizes and Incentives in Elimination Tournaments", 1986, AER [nber]
  • "An Equilibrium Approach to Labor Markets", 1993 Cuadernos de Economia [nber]
  • "The Theory of Earnings Distributions" with D. Neal, 2000, in A. Atkinson and F. Bourgninon, editors, Handbook of Income Distribution [nber]
  • "Markets and Diversity", 2002, AER




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