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The American System

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The "American System" is the name by which American protectionist school was known during the 19th Century.



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Resources on American 19th Century Economics

  • "Mr Clay's Speech, in support of an American System for the protection of American industry, delivered in the House of Representatives, on 30th and 31st of March, 1824", (in Giles, 1827: p.9)
  • "Mr Giles's Speech, delivered in the House of Delegates, February 21, 1827" (in Giles, 1827 p.47)
  • Mr. Clay's Speech on the Tariff: Or, The "American System," So Called; Or, The Anglican System, in fact, introduced here; and perverted in its most material bearing upon society, by the omission of a system of corn laws, for the protection of agriculture, with Mr. Giles's speech upon the resolutions of inquiry in House of Delegates of Virginia, in reply to Mr. Clay's speech, 1827 [bk]
  • Political Miscellanies compiled by William B. Giles, 1827 [bk]
  • "Political Disquisitions" - letters by William B. Giles to Richmond Enquirer: No. I-III (Feb-Mar, 1825), "No. III" (Mar 25, 1825), No. IV, Nov.V (Apr 22-1824) Letters (Nov 5, 1828)
  • "A Discourse on the Reciprocal Relations of Agriculture and the Other Branches of American Domestic Industry", by J.S. Skinner, 1848,  The Plough, the Loom and the Anvil, v.1 (Jul), p.1
  • "Free Trade with England, and its effects on the farmers and planters of the world", 1848, The Plough, the Loom and the Anvil, v.1 (Oct), p.209
  • "Free Trade as an Experiment", 1853, The Plough, the Loom and the Anvil, v.6, Pt.1 (Sep), p.129, Pt.2 (Oct), p.193
  • "Russian Industry", 1853, , The Plough, the Loom and the Anvil, v.6, (Nov), p.257
  • "American Economics", by Prof. Van Buren Denslow, 1884, North American Review, p.12 [moa]
  • "American School of Political Economy" in R.H. Inglis Palgrave, editor, 1894-1899 Dictionary of Political Economy [1919 ed.]
  • International Commercial Policy, with special reference to the United States, by G.M. Fisk and P. Skeels-Pierce, 1923  [av]
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