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Krishna R. Bharadwaj, 1935-1992

Indian Neo-Ricardian economist.

Originating from Karwar, on the Malabar Coast of India, Krishna R. Bharadwaj studied at the University of Bombay, obtaining her Ph.D in 1960. Initially a development theorist, Bharadwaj became acquainted with the Cambridge School during a sojourn in MIT (USA), where she happened to first meet Joan Robinson.  Bharadwaj wrote a highly influential review  Piero Sraffa's PCMC in 1963.  She went to Cambridge as a visiting fellow in 1967, coming under the influence of Piero Sraffa and going on to become one of his closest disciples.

Bharadwaj  returned to India in 1971, joining the faculty at the Nehru University in Delhi.  She would continue to be a prominent  Neo-Ricardian theorist and expositor of the school (and Sraffa's ideas in particular) for the next two decades.  Some of her work focused on applying Sraffian theory to development problems.



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Major works of Krishna Bharadwaj

  • "Structural Linkages in the Indian Economy", 1962, Economic Weekly
  • "Value through Exogenous Distribution", 1963, Economic Weekly
  • Production Conditions in Indian Agriculture, 1974
  • Classical Political Eocnomy and the Rise to Dominance of Supply and Demand Theories, 1978.
  • On Some Issues of Method in the Analysis of Social Change, 1980.
  • "A View on Commercialization in Indian Agriculture and the Development of Capitalism", 1985, J of Peasant Studies
  • "The Analytics of the Agriculture-Industry Relation", 1988, in Arrow, editor, Balance between Industry and Agriculture.
  • Themes in Value and Distribution, 1989.
  • Perspectives on Capitalism: Marx, Keynes, Schumpeter and Weber, with Sudipta Kaviraj, 1989.
  • Essays on Piero Sraffa, with B. Schefold, 1989.



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