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Douglass C. North, 1920-

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Douglass North shared the Nobel memorial prize in 1993 with R.W. Fogel.



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Major Works of Douglass C. North

  • Economic Growth of the United States, 1790 to 1860, 1961.
  • Growth and Welfare in the American Past: A new economic history, 1966.
  • "An Economic Theory of the Growth of the Western World", with R.P. Thomas, 1970,  Econ Hist Rev.
  • Institutional Change and American Economic Growth, with L.E. Davis, 1971.
  • The Rise of the Western World: A new economic history, with R.P. Davis, 1973.
  • "The First Economic Revolution", with R.P. Thomas, 1977, Econ Hist Rev.
  • "Structure and Performance: the task of economic history", 1978, JEL
  • Structure and Change in Economic History, 1981.
  • "Economic Performance Through Time", 1994, AER



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