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Lawrence R. Klein, 1920-2013

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American Keynesian economist and econometrician at University of Pennsylvania.  Lawrence Klein pioneered large-scale macroeconometric models.

Klein won the Nobel Memorial prize in 1980.



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Major works of Lawrence R. Klein

  • "Pitfalls in the Statistical Determination of the Investment Schedule", 1943, Econometrica
  • "Macroeconomics and the Theory of Rational Behavior", 1946, Econometrica.
  • "Remarks on the Theory of Aggregation", 1946, Econometrica.
  • "A Post-Mortem on the Transition Predictions of National Product", 1946, JPE
  • The Keynesian Revolution, 1947.
  • "Theories of Effective Demand and Employment", 1947, JPE
  • "The Use of Econometric Models to Guide Economic Policy", 1947, Econometrica
  • "A Constant-Utility Index of the Cost of Living", with H. Rubin, 1947-8, RES
  • Economic Fluctuations in the United States, 1921-1941, 1950.
  • "Stock and Flow Analysis in Economics", 1950, Econometrica.
  • "Assets, Debts and Economic Behavior", 1951, in Studies in Income and Wealth
  • "Studies in Investment Behavior", 1951, NBER Conference on Business Cycles
  • "Estimating Patterns of Savings Behavior from Sample Survey Data", 1951, Econometrica
  • "On the Interpretation of Professor Leontief's System", 1953, RES
  • A Textbook of Econometrics, 1953.
  • "Statistical Estimation of Economic Relations from Survey Data", 1954, in Contributions of Survey Methods to Economics
  • "The Empirical Foundations of Keynesian Economics", 1954, in Kurihara, editor, Post Keynesian Economics
  • An Econometric Model of the United States, 1929-1952., with A.S. Golberger, 1955.
  • "On the Interpretation of Theil's Method of Estimating Economic Relationships", 1955, Metroec
  • "The Scope and Limitations of Econometrics", 1957, Applied Statistics.
  • "The Estimation of Distributed Lags", 1958, Econometrica
  • "Some Econometrics of the Determination of Absolute Prices and Wages", with R.J. Ball, 1959, EJ
  • "The Efficiency of Estimation of Econometric Models", 1960, in Pfouts, editor, Essays in Economic and Econometrics
  • "Single Equation versus Equation System Methods of Estimation in Econometrics", 1960, Econometrica
  • "Some Econometrics of Growth: Great ratios of economics", with R.F. Kosobud, 1961, QJE
  • An Econometric Model of the United Kingdom, 1962, with R.J. Ball, A. Hazelwood and P. Vandome.
  • An Introduction to Econometrics, 1962.
  • "An Econometric Model of Japan, 1930-1959", with Y. Shinkai, 1963.
  • "Singularity in the Equation Systems of Econometrics: Some aspects of the problem of multicollinearity", with M. Nakamura, 1962, IER
  • "Stocks and Flows in the Theory of Interest", 1965, in Hahn and Brechling, editors, Theory of Interest Rates.
  • The Brookings Quarterly Econometric Model of the United States, with J.S. Duesenberry and G. Fromm, 1965
  • "Some New Results in the Measurement of Capacity Utilization", with R.S. Preston, 1967, AER.
  • "Nonlinear Estimation of Aggregate Production Functions", with R. Bodkin, 1967, REStat.
  • "Stochastic Nonlinear Models", with R.S. Preston, 1969, Econometrica.
  • "Estimation of Distributed Lags", with P. Dhrymes and K. Steiglitz, 1970, IER
  • "Forecasting and Policy Evaluation using Large-Scale Econometric Models: the state of the art", 1971, in Intriligator, editor, Frontiers of Quantitative Economics
  • "Whither Econometrics?", 1971, JASA
  • "Dynamic Properties of Nonlinear Econometric Models", with E.P. Howrey, 1972, IER
  • "A Comparison of Eleven Econometric Models of the United States", with G. Gromm, 1973, AER Int J of Methem Education in Science and Technol
  • "Notes on Testing the Predictive Performance of Econometric Models", with E.P. Howrey and M.D. McCarthy, 1974, IER.
  • "Supply Constraints in Demand-Oriented Systems: An interpretation of the oil crisis", 1974, ZfN.
  • "Research Contributions of the SSRC-Brookings Econometric Model Project: A decade in review", 1975, in Fromm and Klein, editor, Brookings Model
  • "Economic Policy Formation throgh the Medium of Econometric Models", 1977, in Intriligator, editor, Frontiers of Quantitative Economics, Vol. III
  • "Money in a General Equilibrium System : Empirical aspects of the Quantity Theory", 1978, Econ App
  • "The Supply Side", 1978, AER
  • "Direct Estimates of Unemployment Rate and Capacity Utilization in Macroeconometric Models", with V. Su, 1979, IER
  • An Introduction to Econometric Forecasting Models, with R.M. Young, 1980.
  • "Economic Policy Formation: Theory and implementation", 1983, in Griliches and Intriligator, editors, Hanbook of Econometrics
  • "Money in the Wharton Quarterly Model", with E.Friedman and S. Able, 1983, JMCB




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