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James Laurence Laughlin, 1850-1933.

Portrait of J.L. Laughlin

J. Laurence Laughlin was the American arch-conservative monetary economist at Chicago.. 

Born in Deerfield, Ohio, James Laurence Laughlin obtained his B.A. in history from Harvard in 1873.  In 1878, Laughlin became an instructor in economics at Harvard  under Charles Dunbar, replacing Silas MacVane (who had moved on to history).  After receiving his Ph.D (in history), Laughlin was appointed assistant professor at Harvard in 1883.  He left his post in 1887 to work for a Philadelphia insurance company. 

In 1890, Laughlin returned to academia, becoming a professor of political economy and finance at Cornell.  He was there a scarce two years before the newly-created University of Chicago invited him, in 1892, to form its first economics department and take up the editorship of the fledgling Journal of Political Economy.  Laughlin took his Cornell protegés Adolph C. Miller and Thorstein Veblen

J. Laurence Laughlin would preside over the first few decades of Chicago economics, and gave it its first imprint, which, in several ways, foreshadowed the future "Chicago School".  Despite his friendships with many radical Institutionalists (notably Veblen), Laughlin was dogmatically (Neo)classical (relying strictly on J.S. Mill and later Alfred Marshall), a strident free-market and "hard money" man.   In 1883, Laughlin helped found the conservative "Political Economy Club" in New York and refused to join  the American Economic Association

Laughlin's reputation rests on his work in monetary economics.  He was a vocal opponent to bimetallism and one of the more avid promoters of the Federal Reserve system.   J. Laurence Laughlin founded the National Citizens' League for the Promotion of a Sound Banking System in 1911 in Chicago, putting out a series of pamphlets in the run up to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Laughlin retired from Chicago in 1916.



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Major Works of J. Laurence Laughlin

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  • Extracts from the laws of the United States relating to American shipping, 1886 [bk]
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  • Reciprocity, with H. Parker Willis, 1903 [bk]
  • "A Theory of Prices", 1905, Pub AEA [av]
  • Aus dem amerikanischen Wirtschaftsleben, 1906 [bk]
  • "The Unions versus Higher Wages", 1906, JPE [av]
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  • "Capitalism and Social Discontent", 1916, NAR  [av]
  • Banking Progress, 1920 [bk]
  • The Solution of the Labor Problem, 1920 [bk]
  • A New Exposition of Money, Credit and Prices, 1931.
  • The Federal Reserve Act, its origin and problems, 1933.



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Resources on J. Laurence Laughlin

  • "Review of Hadley''s Railroad Transportation and Laughlin's History of Bimetallism", by Richmond Mayo-Smith, 1886, PSQ, (Mar), p.141 [js]
  • "On the Theory of Value: Note to Laughlin", by Alfred Marshall, 1887, QJE (Apr), p.359-61 [js]
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  • "The Origin of the National Citizens League" [App n Aldrich et al, 1912, Report of National Monetary Commission], Constitution and By Laws [App]
  • Personal note on Laughlin's arrival at Chicago in AAPSS (1892, May, p.113)
  • National Citizens League list of publications (1911-13) in Library of Congress, 1913, Select List of References on the Monetary Question
  • "J Laurence Lauglin and the Quantity Theory of Money", by L. Girton and D. Roper1977 [fed]
  • J. Laurence Laughlin papers at Chicago
  • "J. Laurence Laughlin", by J.U. Nef, 1934, JPE
  • J. Laurence Laughlin: Chapters in the Career of an Economist by Alfred Bornemann, 1940
  • "J. Laurence Laughlin", by W.C. Mitchell, 1941, JPE
  • Laughlin online books at U Penn
  • Wikipedia


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