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Adolph C. Miller, 1866-1953.

American economist at UC Berkeley and the Federal Reserve.

A native of San Francisco, Adolph Caspar Miller obtained his B.A. from the University of California-Berkeley in 1887 and an M.A. from Harvard in 1888. After a series of successive years as instructor at Harvard and Berkeley, Adolph C. Miller was appointed appointed associate professor at Cornell in 1891.  But he was barely there a year before the great Harper raid on Cornell brought Adolph C. Miller (along with fellow Cornellites Laughlin, Veblen and Hoxie) to the University of Chicago in 1892.  Miller was raised to professor of finance at Chicago and became a prolific reviewer in the fledgling Journal of Political Economy.

Returning to the west coast, Adolph Miller was appointed associate professor of history and political science at his alma mater, the University of California-Berkeley, in 1899.  President Benjamin Ide Wheeler separated out the Department of Economics in 1902, placing Adolph C. Miller at its head.

Miller left academia in 1913 and entered government service in Washington, DC.  Miller initially served as assistant to the Secretary of the Interior, Franklin Lane.  In August, 1914, Adolph C. Miller was appointed a member (the solitary academic) of the first Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.  He would remain on the the Federal Reserve board until his retirement in 1936.

Upon his death in 1953, Adolph C. Miller endowed the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science at UC Berkeley.



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Major Works of Adolph C. Miller

  • "International Protection of Workmen", 1889, QJE (Jul), p.481 [js]
  • "Conversion of the English Debt", 1890, QJE (Jul), p.437 [js]
  • "Review of Dunbar's Chapters on Banking", 1892, AAPSS (Jan)  p.121 [js]
  • "Cantillon's Essai sur le Commerce", 1892, JPE (Dec),  p.120 [js]
  • "Bastable's Public Finance", 1892, JPE (Dec), p.133 [js]
  • "Review of Seligman's On the Shifting and Incidence of Taxation and E.A. Ross's Sinking Funds", 1893, JPE (Mar), p.285 [js]
  • "On the Incidence of Taxation: Rejoinder to Seligman", 1893, JPE (Jun),  p.450  [js]
  • "Review of Taussig's Tariff History", 1893, JPE (Jun), p. 472 [js]
  • "Review of Cunningham's Growth of English Industry", 1893, JPE (Jun), p.475 [js]
  • "Review of Kinley's Independent Treasury & Juglar's History of Panics", 1893, JPE (Sep), p.616 [js]
  •  "Review of Ashley's Introduction", 1893, JPE (Dec) p.103 [js]
  •  "Review of Wieser's Natural Value", 1894, JPE (Mar)  p.308 [js]
  •  "Review of Commons's Distribution of Wealth",  1894, JPE (Jun), p.462 [js]
  • "Review of Hill's First Stages of Tariff Policy", 1894, JPE (Jun), p.468 [js]
  • "Review of Seligman's Progressive Taxation", 1894, JPE (Sep), p.596[js]
  • "Review of Rae's Eight Hours for Work", 1894, JPE (Dec), p.119 [js]
  • "Review of Bonar's Catalogue of Adam Smith", 1895, JPE (Mar), p.242 [js]
  • "Problems of Railway Finance", 1893, The Dial (Oct), p.185
  • The Monetary Problem in the United States, 1895 (Illinois Bankers' Assn)
  • "National Finance and the Income Tax", 1895, JPE (Jul), p.255 [js]
  • "The Massachusetts Tax Report", 1898, JPE (Mar), p.225 [js]
  • "The Relation of College Education to Success in Business Life", 1899, Chicago Univ Record (Dec), p.216
  • "Some Demands of the New Industrial Order on the Universities", 1903, Calif Univ Chron, p.86
  • "War Finance and Inflation", 1918 AAPSS  (Jan) p.113 [js]
  • "After-War Readjustment: Rectifying the price situation", 1919, AAPSS (Mar) p.306 [js]
  • "After-War Readjustment: Liberating gold", 1919, AER (Mar), p.137 [js]
  • "The Cost of Living Problem: address before the American Association of Banking Industry", 1919 [av] (Chronicle repr)
  • "Thrift and the Financial Situation", 1920, AAPSS (Jan), p.57 [av, js] (Chronicle repr)
  • "Address on Foreign Exchange", 1920, Bulletin of Georgetown School of Foreign Service, p.27
  •  "Federal Reserve Policy", 1921, AER (Jun), p.177 [js]
  • "Curves of Expansion and Contraction 1919-1921", 1922, AAPSS (Jan)
  • "Responsibility for Federal Reserve Policies, 1927-1929", 1935, AER (Sep), p.455
  • "Whence and Whither in the Gold Standard", 1936, Proc of the APS, (May) p.83




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Resources on  Adolph Miller

  • "On Incidence of Taxation: Reply to Miller", by E.R.A. Seligman, 1893, JPE (Jun), p.444 [js]
  • "University Record - arrival of A.C. Miller", by Victor Henderson, 1903, Calif Univ Chron, p.33
  • "Miller, A.C." in New International Encyclopedia.
  • Miller profile at Federal Reserve History
  • Miller speeches, 1915-1936 at Fraser, Federal Reserve Archive.
  • Miller photo at Library of Congress
  • Miller Institute website at the University of California
  • "Preliminary Inventory of the Papers of A.C. Miller", Federal Reserve [pdf]
  • Wiki


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