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Robert A. Mundell, 1932-

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Neo-Keynesian Canadian macroeconomist at Columbia.

Robert Alexander Mundell is perhaps most famous for the "Mundell-Fleming" model,  extending the Keynesian IS-LM system to international macroeconomics.

Mundell won the Nobel Memorial Prize in 1999.



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Major works of Robert A. Mundell

  • "International Trade and Factor Mobility", 1957, AER
  • "Transport Costs in International Trade Theory", 1957, Canadian JE
  • "The Monetary Dynamics of International Adjustment Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates", 1960, QJE
  • "The Public Debt, Corporate Income Taxes and the Rate of Interest", 1960, JPE
  • "The Pure Theory of International Trade", 1960, AER (1968 version: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  • "The Public Debt, Corporate Income Taxes and the Rate of Interest,"1960, JPE
  • "A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas", 1961, AER
  • "Flexible Exchange Rates and Employment Policy," 1961, Canadian JE
  • "The International Disequilibrium System", 1961, Kyklos
  • "The Appropriate Use of Monetary and Fiscal Policy for Internal and External Stability", 1962, IMF Staff Papers
  • "Capital Mobility and Stabilisation Policy under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates", 1963, Canadian JE
  • "Inflation and Real Interest", 1963, JPE
  • "An Exposition of Some Subtleties in the Keynesian System", 1964, WWA
  • "Tariff Preferences and the Terms of Trade,"1964, Manchester School
  • "Growth, Stability and Inflationary Finance", 1965, JPE
  • "A Fallacy in the Interpretation of Macroeconomic Equilibrium", 1965, JPE
  • "The Significance of the Homogeneity Postulate for the Laws of Comparative Statics" 1965, Econometrica
  • The International Monetary System: Conflict and Reform, 1965
  • "The Crisis Problem" 1967, in Mundell and Soboda, editors, International Monetary Problems
  • "International Monetary Economics: The Balance of Payments", 1968, IESS
  • "Hicksian Stability, Currency Markets and the Theory of Economic Policy", 1968, in Wolfe, editor, Value, Capital and Growth
  • Man and Economics, 1968
  • International Economics, 1968.
  • Monetary Theory: interest, inflation and growth in the world economy., 1971.
  • "The International Distribution of Money in a Growing World Economy", 1971, in Bhagwati et al., editors, Trade, Balance of Payments and Growth
  • "The Optimum Balance of Payments Deficit and the Theory of Empires." 1971, in Salin and Classen, editors, Stabilization Policies in Interdependent Economies
  • "Uncommon Arguments for Common Currencies", 1973, in Johnson and Swoboda, editors, Economics of Common Currencies
  • "A Plan for a European Currency", 1973, in Johnson and Swoboda, editors, Economics of Common Currencies
  • "The Origins and Evolution of Monetarism.", 1982, in Jansen, editor, Monetarism, Economic Crisis and the Third World.
  • "The Case for a Managed International Gold Standard."1983 in Connolly, editor, The International Monetary System
  • "Latin American Debt and the Transfer Problem" 1989, in Brock et al, editors, Latin American Debt and Adjustment .
  • "The Dollar and the Policy Mix: 1989," 1989 Rivista di Politica Economica
  • The Global Adjustment System," 1989, Rivista di Politica Economica
  • "The International Distribution of Saving: Past, Present and Future." 1990, Rivista di Politica Economica
  • "Debts and Deficits in Alternative Models", 1990, Rivista di Politica Economica
  • "Fiscal Policy in the Theory of International Trade.", 1992, in Giersch, editor, Money, Trade and Competition
  • "The Quantity Theory of Money in an Open Economy: Variations on the Hume-Polak Model." , 1992, in International Financial Policy
  • "Rejection of the Common Funnel Theorem," Rivista di Politica Economica
  • "Unemployment, Competitiveness and the Welfare State", 1995, Rivista di Politica Economica
  • "The International Monetary System: The Missing Factor." 1995, Journal of Policy Modeling
  • "The International Adjustment Mechanism of the Balance of Payments," 1997 Zagreb Journal of Economics
  • "The Uses and Abuses of Gresham's Law in the History of Money", 1998 Zagreb Journal of Economics
  • "A Reconsideration of the Twentieth Century" [nobel]




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