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George J. Stigler, 1911-1991

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Economist at Chicago.

Stigler won the Nobel memorial prize in 1982.



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Major Works of George J. Stigler

  • "Social Welfare and Differential Prices", 1938, JPE.
  • "Production and Distribution in the Short Run", 1939, JPE.
  • "Notes on the Theory of Duopoly", 1940, JPE.
  • Production and Distribution Theories: The formative period, 1941.
  • "The Economics of Minimum Wage Legislation", 1946, AER. [pdf]
  • The Theory of Price, 1946.
  • "The Kinky Oligopoly Demand Curve and Rigid Prices", 1947, JPE.
  • "Professor Lester and the Marginalists", 1946, AER.
  • Trends in Output and Employment, 1947.
  • "Notes on the History of the Giffen Paradox", 1947, JPE.
  • "A Survey of Contemporary Economics", 1949, JPE.
  • "The Development of Utility Theory", 1950, JPE.
  • Employment and Compensation in Education, 1950.
  • "The Division of Labor is Limited by the Extent of the Market", 1951, JPE.
  • "The Ricardian Theory of Value and Distribution", 1952, JPE.
  • "Sraffa's Ricardo", 1953, AER.
  • "The Early History of Empirical Studies of Consumer Behavior", 1954, JPE.
  • "The Nature and Role of Originality in Scientific Progress", 1955, Economica.
  • "Mergers and Preventive Anti-Trust Policy", 1955, Penn Law Review.
  • "Perfect Competition, Historically Contemplated", 1957, JPE. [pdf]
  • "Ricardo and the 93 Per Cent Labor Theory of Value", 1958, AER. [pdf]
  • "Economies of Scale", 1958, JLawE.
  • "Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb and the Theory of Fabian Socialism", 1959, Proceedings of American Philosphical Society.
  • "The Politics of Political Economists", 1959, QJE.
  • "Prometheus Incorporated: Conformity or coercion?", 1960, in Spiller, editor, Social Control in a Free Society.
  • "The Influence of Events and Policies on Economic Theory", 1960, AER.
  • "The Economics of Information", 1961, JPE. [pdf]
  • "What Can Regulators Regulate? The case of electricity", 1962, JLawE.
  • "Henry L. Moore and Statistical Economics", 1962, Econometrica.
  • The Intellectual and the Marketplace, 1963.
  • "Public Regulation of the Securities Markets", 1964, J of Business.
  • "A Theory of Oligopoly", 1964, JPE.
  • "The Dominant Firm and the Inverted Umbrella", 1965, JLawE.
  • Essays in the History of Economics, 1965.
  • "The Economist and the State", 1965, AER.
  • "The Economic Effects of the Antitrust Laws", 1966, JLawE.
  • The Organization of Industry, 1968.
  • "Why Have the Socialists Been Winning?", 1969, Ordo.
  • "Does Economics Have a Useful Past?" 1969, HOPE.
  • "Smith's Travels on the Ship of State", 1971, HOPE.
  • "The Theory of Economic Regulation", 1971, Bell JE. [online]
  • "The Adoption of Marginal Utility Theory", 1972, HOPE.
  • "Economic Competition and Political Competition", 1972, Public Choice.
  • "Free Riders and Collective Action", 1974, Bell JE.
  • "The Goals of Economic Policy", 1975, JLawE.
  • The Citizen and the State, 1975.
  • "Do Economists Matter?", 1976, Southern EJ.
  • "De Gustibus non Est Disputandum", with Gary Becker, 1977, AER [pdf]
  • 'The Conference Handbook", 1977, JPE [pdf]
  • "The Pattern of Citation Practices in Economics", with C. Friedland, 1979, JPE.
  • "Economics or Ethics", 1981, Tanner Lectures. [pdf]
  • "The Economists and the Problem of Monopoly", 1982, AER.
  • The Economist as Preacher: and other essays, 1982.
  • "The Process and Progress of Economics", 1983, JPE. [pdf, nobel]
  • Memoirs of an Unregulated Economist, 1985. - review




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Resources on George J. Stigler

  • Chicago Duo (Friedman and Stigler)
  • Stigler publications at NBER
  • 1982 Nobel Memorial Prize site: press release, facts, autobiography, lecture.
  • "George J. Stigler: An Appreciation", by R.H. Coase, 1982, Regulation [pdf]
  • "Interview with George Stigler" at Region, FRB Minneapolis, 1989 [online]
  • "The Economic Theory of Regulation after a Decade of Deregulation", by Sam Peltzman, 1989, BPEA [pdf]
  • Stigler obituary in NY Times, 1991
  • Stigler obituary at Chicago Tribune, 199
  • "George J. Stigler, 1911-1991: Biographical Memoir" by Milton Friedman, 1998, at NAS [pdf
  • "George J. Stigler Remembrance and Appreciation" by Claire Friedland et al, 1991, AJES [pdf]
  • "Remembering a Witty Economist" by George Will, 1991, Pub Dispatch [pdf]
  • "The Preaching of George Stigler and his impact on the end of communism", by Vaclav Klaus, 1998 [online]
  • "Stigler's Gauntlet" by Robert Leeson, 1999 [online]
  • "The Chicago Counter-Revolution and the Sociology of Knowledge" by Robert Leeson, 2000 [pdf]
  • "Do Great Economist Make Great Teachers?  George Stigler as dissertation supervisor", 2001 [pdf]
  • "George Stigler and the Myth of Efficient Government" by T.J. DiLorenzo, 2002, JLS [pdf]
  • "Crusade against Compacency: George Stigler and Economic Science" by Arthur Diamond, 2004 [pdf]
  • Stigler Center: the George J. Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at the University of Chicago
  • Stigler page at Nobel Prize Internet Archive
  • "George Stigler" by D.B. Klein, at EJW [pdf]
  • "George Stigler" [pdf]
  • Brad de Long blog: Paul Romer on George Stigler [blog]
  • Stigler entry at Concise Encycl of Economics, Liberty Fund
  • Stigler entry at Britannica
  • Wikipedia


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