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Lester G. Telser, 1931- 

Industrial organization theorist at Chicago

Lester G. Telser was educated at Chicago, and joined the faculty in 1958.   Part of the "Edgeworthian revival", Telser was among the first economists to bring game-theoretic notions (esp. the core) to bear on applied economics.



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Major Works of Lester G. Telser

  • "Futures Trading and the Storage of Cotton and Wheat", 1958, JPE
  • "Why Should Manufacturers Want Fair Trade?", 1960, J Law Econ
  • "Advertising and Competition", 1964, JPE
  • "An Infinite-Horizon Discrete-Time Quadratic Program as Applied to a Monopoly Problem", with R. Graves, 1967, Econometrica, [cwls]
  • Functional Analysis in Mathematical Economics, with R. Graves, 1972.
  • Competition, Collusion and Game Theory, 1972.
  • "Organized Futures Markets: Cost and benefits", with H.N. Higginbotham, 1977, JPE
  • Economic theory and the Core, 1978.
  • "A Theory of Self-Enforcing Agreements", 1980, J of Business
  • "The Genesis of the Sherman Act", 1982 [wp]
  • "Futures and Actual Markest: How they are related", 1986, J of Business [pdf]
  • A Theory of Efficient Cooperation and Competition, 1987
  • Theories of Competition, 1988
  • "The Usefulness of Core Theory in Economics", 1994, JEP [pdf, aea]
  • "Competition and the Core", 1996, JPE.
  • The Core Theory in Economics: Problems and Solutions, 2007
  • "Economics becomes a science, 1900-1990", 2009 [bep]
  • "von Neumann's growth theorem confirmed by empirical evidence II", 2009 [bep]
  • "von Neumann's general equilibrium I", 2011 [bep]
  • "Competition in the Core", 2011 [bep]
  • "Minimax, Linear Programming and Transitivity", 2012 [bep]
  • "The Economy is not a Zero-Sum Game: how game theory enters economics", 2012 [bep]
  • "How Keynes's General Theory enters Economics", 2012 [bep]
  • "von Neumann's growth model generalized", 2015 [bep]




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