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Theodore W. Schultz, 1902-1998

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Agricultural economist and development theorist at Chicago.  Principal articulator of the "human capital" concept.

Originating from rural South Dakota, Theodore William Schultz studied agricultural economics at South Dakota State, and went on to receive his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1930.  He joined the faculty at Iowa State College in 1930, where he became famously embroiled in the butter-margarine controversy over academic freedom.  Schultz decamped to the University of Chicago in 1943.

T.W.Schultz shared the Nobel Memorial prize in 1979 with W.A.Lewis



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Major Works of Theodore W. Schultz

  • Redirecting Farm Policy, 1943
  • Agriculture in an Unstable Economy, 1945
  • Measures for Economic development of Underdeveloped Countries, 1951
  • The Economic Organization of Agriculture, 1953
  • "Human Wealth and Economic Growth", 1959, Humanist
  • "Capital Formation by Education", 1960, JPE
  • "Investment in Human Capital", 1961, AER.[pdf]
  • "Reflections on Investment in Man," 1962, JPE [nber]
  • The Economic Value of Education, 1963.
  • Transforming Traditional Agriculture, 1964.
  • "The Reckoning of Education as Human Capital", 1970, in W.L. Hansen, editor, Education, Income and Human Capital [nber]
  • Investment in Human Capital: The role of education and of research.  1971.
  • Education and Productivity, 1971 [pdf]
  • "Human Resources, Human Capital: Policy issues and research opportunities", 1972, in Economic Research: Retrospect and Prospect, v.6: Human resources. [nber]
  • "New Economic Approaches to Fertility", 1973, JPE
  • (Editor)  Economics of the Family: Marriage, Children, and Human Capital, 1974 [nber]
  • "Fertility and Economic Values", 1974, in Schultz ed., 1974, Economics of the Family [nber]
  • "The High Value of Human Time: Population equilibrium", 1974, JPE [nber]
  • "The Value of the Ability to Deal with Disequilibria", JEL, 1975.
  • "Migration: An economist's view", 1978, in McNeil and Adams, editors, Human Migration.
  • "Life Span, health, Savings and Productivity", with R. Ram, 1979, Econ Dev Cultural Change.
  • "The Economics of Being Poor", 1980, JPE [nobel]
  • Investing in People: The Economics of Population Quality, 1981




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Resources on T.W.Schultz

  • 1979 Nobel Memorial prize: facts, press release, autobiography, curriculum vitae lecture
  • "Theodore Schultz, 1902-1998" by D. Gale Johnson, 1999, Biographical Memoirs of NAS [online]
  • "Theodore Schultz, 1902-1998" by Clifton Wharton, 1999, Biographical Memoirs of APS [pdf]
  • T.W. Schultz page at IDEAS
  • T.W. Schultz obituary at Chicago Chronicle, 1998
  • T.W. Schultz obituary in NY TImes, 1998
  • T.W. Schultz obituary in 1998, Region magazine of FRB Minneapolis
  • "Twin Themes of Theodore W. Schultz" by Larry Janssen, at South Dakota State Economics Commentator[pdf]
  • The Butter-Margarine Chronicles by Don Payne at Iowa State
  • "The Butter-Margarine Controversy, and 'two cultures' at Iowa State College", by David L. Seim, 2008 [pdf]
  • The Great Butter-Margarine Controversy" by David Schumacher, article in Ames Tribune, 2012
  • Guide to T.W. Schultz papers at Iowa State
  • Theodore W. Schultz Papers at South Dakota State University
  • Schultz  Page at Nobel Prize Internet Archive
  • "Education in the 20th Century", by Daniel Schugurensky
  • Schultz entry at Econ Journal Watch [pdf]
  • T.W. Schultz entry at American National Biography
  • T.W. Schultz entry at Concise Encycl of Economics, LibertyFund
  • T.W. Schultz entry at Britannica
  • Wikipedia


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