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The Westminster Review

Graphic, from early covers of Westminster Review

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British review,  published quarterly, associated with the Philosophical Radicals.  Founded in 1823 by Sir John Bowring and utilitarian philosophers Jeremy Bentham and James Mill. Beginning with its first issue in 1824, the Westminster Review counted among its early contributors the young John Stuart Mill, George Grote, Edwin Chadwick, William Ellis among others, and threw its weight behind the political questions of the day such as the Corn Laws, slavery, prison reform, religious tests, etc.  The Philosophical Radicals also had the Globe.

Alongside the Whig Edinburgh Review and the Tory Quarterly Review, the Westminster Review was one of the three principal political, economic and literary journals in 19th C. Britain.

In 1828, T. Perronet Thompson took over the Westminster Review and the Mills withdrew (Bowring stayed on as editor).  A new journal, the London Review, projected in 1834, started publishing in April 1835, with Sir William Molesworth as principal backer and John Stuart Mill as editor (although not announced).  But shortly after, Molesworth bought the Westminster Review and by the fifth number (April 1836), the two reviews were unified under the title of The London and Westminster Review until 1840, when it became simply Westminster Review again.

Poet Thomas Moore  famously mocked  the appeal of the Westminster Review to 'bluestocking' intellectuals.



Selected Contents

As contributions were anonymous, we have made use of F.W. Fetter (1962) attribution of authors, and other sources.

Westminster Review (two volumes per year, two issues per volume, Jan-Apr, Jul-Oct): 1824 1, 2; 1825 3, 4, 1826 5, 6, 1827 7 8, 1828, 9, (no fall), 1829 10, 11, 1830 13, 14, 1831 15, 16, 1832 17, 18,






[T. Perronet Thompson takes over the Westminster Review, Mills withdraw, Bowring continues as editor.
No late 1828 issues.]


London Review

  • v.1 (Apr-Jul 1835)
  • Apr 1835 No.1
  • July 1835 No.2
  • v.2  (Jul 35-Jan 36) - note: July  month repeated?
  • Oct (= July misprint?) 1835, No.3
  • Jan 1836, No. 4

London & Westminster Review

Westminster Review

Westminster & Foreign Quarterly Review



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