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Roger B. Myerson, 1951-

Game theorist at Chicago.

Roger Myerson won the Nobel memorial prize with Leonid Hurwicz and Eric S. Maskin in 2007.



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Major Works of Roger B. Myerson
  • "Graphs and Cooperation in Games", 1977, Mathematics of Operations Research
  • "Refininements of the Nash Equilibrium Concepts", 1978, IJGT
  • "Incentive Compatability and the Bargaining Problem", 1979, Econometrica.
  • "Conference Structures and Fair Allocation Rules", 1980, IJGT.
  • "Optimal Auction Design", 1981, Mathem of Operations Research
  • "Regulating a Monopolist with Unknown Costs", with D. Baron, 1982, Econometrica
  • "Efficient Mechanisms for Bilateral Trading", with M. Satterthwaite, 1983, JET
  • "Mechanism Design by an Informed Principal", 1983, Econometrica
  • "Efficient and Durable Decision Rules with Incomplete Information", with B. Holmstrom, 1983, Econometrica
  • "Cooperative Games with Incomplete Information", 1984, IJGT
  • "Two-Person Bargaining Problems with Incomplete Information", 1984, Econometrica
  • "Bayesian Equilibrium and Incentive Compatibility: an introduction", 1985, in Hurwicz et al., editors, Social Goals and Social Organization
  • "Multistage Games with Communication", 1986, Econometrica
  • "An Example of a Repeated Partnership Game with Discounting and with Uniformly Inefficient Equilibria", with R. Radner and E.S. Maskin, 1986, RES
  • "Endogenous Formation of Links between Players and of Coalitions: An Application of the Shapley value", with R.J. aumann 1988, in Roth, editor, The Shapley Value.
  • Game Theory, 1991.
  • "Perspectives on Mechanism Design in Economic Theory", 2007 [nobel]




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