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Merton H. Miller, 1923-2000

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Finance economist at Chicago.

Merton H. Miller shared the Nobel memorial prize in 1990 with Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe.



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Major Works of Merton H. Miller

  • "Built-In Flexibility" with R. A. Musgrave, 1948, AER
  • "An Income Effect of Changing Interest Rates", with M. I. White, 1951, Public Finance
  • "A Model of Optimal Programming of Railway Freight Train Movements", with A. Charnes, 1956, Management Science
  • "Mathematical Programming and the Evaluation of Freight Shipment Systems" with A. Charnes, 1957, Naval Research Logistics Quart.
  • "The Cost of Capital, Corporation Finance and the Theory of Investment", 1958, with F. Modigliani, AER
  • "An Application of Linear Programming to Financial Budgeting and the Costing of Funds" with A. Charnes and W. W. Cooper, 1959, J of Business
  • "The Carnegie Tech Management Game", with K. Cohen, et al., 1960, J of Business
  • "Dividend Policy, Growth and the Valuation of Shares" with F. Modigliani, 1961, J of Business
  • "Corporate Income Taxes and the Cost of Capital: A correction", with F. Modigliani, 1963, AER.
  • "The Corporation Income Tax and Corporate Financial Policies" 1963, in Stabilization Policies.
  • "Horizon Rules for a Class of Stochastic Planning Problems" with A. Charnes and J. Dreze, 1966, Econometrica
  • "Some Estimates of the Cost of Capital in the Electric Utility Industry", with F. Modigliani, 1966, J of Business
  • "A Model of the Demand for Money by Firms", with D. Orr, 1966, QJE
  • "A Model of the Demand for Money by Firms: Extensions of Analytical Results", with D. Orr, 1968, J of Finance
  • The Theory of Finance, with E.F. Fama, 1972
  • Macroeconomics: A Neoclassical Introduction, with C. Upton, 1974
  • "Leasing, Buying and the Cost of Capital Services" with C. Upton, 1976, J of Finance
  • "Debt and Taxes", 1977, J of Finance
  • "An Approach to the Regulation of Bank Holding Companies", with F. Black and R. A. Posner,1978,  J of Business
  • "The Stochastic Properties of Velocity and the Quantity Theory of Money" with J. P. Gould, C. R. Nelson, and C. Upton, 1978, J of Monetary Economics.
  • "Prices for State-Contingent Claims: Some Estimates and Applications" with R. Banz, 1978, Journal of Business
  • "Dividends and Taxes" with M. Scholes, 1978, J of Financial Economics
  • "Dividends and Taxes: Some empirical evidence" with M. Scholes, 1982, J of Financial Economics
  • "A Test of the Hotelling Valuation Principle" with C. Upton, 1985, JPE
  • "Dividend Policy under Asymmetric Information" with K. Rock, 1985, J of Finance
  • "Behavioral Rationality in Finance: The Case of Dividends," 1986, J of Business (Supp.)
  • "Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed One-Minute Time Bracketing Regulation" with S.J. Grossman, 1986, J of Futures Markets
  • "Financial Innovation: The Last Twenty Years and the Next," 1986, J of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • "Liquidity and Market Structure", with S.J. Grossman, 1988, J of Finance
  • "The Modigliani-Miller Propositions after Thirty Years," 1988, JEP
  • "Margin Regulation and Stock Market Volatility" with D. Hsieh, 1990, J of Finance
  • "The Crash of 1987: Bubble or Fundamental?" 1990, in  Pacific-Basin Capital Markets Research
  •  Financial Innovations and Market Volatility, 1991 
  • "Leverage", 1991, J of Finance [nobel]
  • "Tax Obstacles to Voluntary Corporate Restructuring," 1991, J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "Financial Innovation: Achievements and Prospects", 1992, J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "Index Futures and Market Volatility: What Does the Evidence Show?", 1992, J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "Index Arbitrage: Villain or Scapegoat" 1992,  J of Financial Engineering
  • "Are the Discounts on Closed-End Funds a Sentiment Index?" 1993, Journal of Finance
  • "Is American Corporate Governance Fatally Flawed?", 1994,  J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "Functional Regulation", 1994, Pacific Basin Finance Journal
  • "Metallgesellschaft and the Economics of Synthetic Storage", with C. L. Culp, 1995, J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "Do the M&M Propositions Apply to Banks?" 1995, J of Banking and Finance
  • Merton Miller on Derivatives, 1997 
  • "Clustering and Competition in Asset Markets" with S. J. Grossman, K. R. Cone, D. R. Fischel, and D. J. Ross, 1997, JLawE
  • "The M&M Propositions after 40 Years," 1998, European Financial Management Journal
  • "Value at Risk: Uses and Abuses", with C.L. Culp and A. Neves, 1998, J of Applied Corporate Finance
  • "The Derivatives Revolution After Thirty Years", 1999,  J of Portfolio Management
  • "The History of Finance," 1999, J of Portfolio Management




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